Everything you Need to Know About Multimedia Localization

Multimedia Localization

In a hyper-connected world, it is all about improving the user experience. Therefore, communication and marketing strategies have taken a major part in every business action plan. For example, it is demonstrated that digital resources such as videos are highly effective in convincing audiences to purchase certain products or services or even browse a site. 

However, broadcasting a video or promoting an image is not enough if a business intends to expand worldwide, and that is because people are willing to approach the product or service they are consuming in a more personal way. Audiences need to feel understood and related to the brand they are choosing. 

In that sense, businesses are constantly challenged to think out of the box and develop communication strategies that will help their products fit new backgrounds and resonate with audiences amicably and harmonically. That is not an easy task, we know it. It entails a lot of responsibility, planning, and dedication. But there is a language solution that can help businesses save time, money, and resources, ensuring they reach global audiences.

So, what is multimedia localization?

Localization is the process of conveying information into another language taking into account the target’s culture, beliefs, idioms, customs, and other culturally relevant elements. It is more than just translating, as a very thorough and detailed job has to be done to succeed and impact that audience in a way that benefits both parties.

Multimedia refers to every object or system designed to transmit information through a variety of physical or digitalized channels. Thus, multimedia localization means localizing everything the user can see or hear, from subtitles to audio, text on-screen (including images), animations, and documents.

To achieve that and provide a full scope localization, multimedia localization services usually include:

  • dubbing
  • voice-over
  • transcription of the original audio
  • script translation
  • subtitling
  • audio and video production
  • animation production
  • localization engineering

Moreover, it can apply to a variety of multimedia projects such as training videos, trailers, corporate videos, advertisements, product presentations, training material, and audio recordings. That is why it is key that a business knows exactly what its localization needs are. In that sense, a good localization provider will not only be the one who can handle a localization project properly but the one who can give advice on which services are better for the customer, creating a customized solution to address those needs efficiently.

Benefits of multimedia localization

Helps a business leverage their resources. Localization allows businesses to take advantage of content they already have and adapt it to new audiences, instead of forcing them to create new material. That way, they avoid reinvesting in production, which means saving money and time they can allocate to other purposes.

Improves sales. Customers are more likely to purchase a product if the information is presented to them in their local language. Therefore, there is nothing better than localization to help a business reach new prospects.

Ensures the message resonates with the target audience in an emotional way. As mentioned before, these days buyers are willing to connect with brands at a personal and emotional level. It is not about selling a product but about interacting with them and getting to know their needs and expectations.

Avoids spreading offensive content. Localizing can be a very challenging task, as sometimes certain messages or even images can be appealing for an audience but completely offensive for another. Since it takes a lot of research and specialized project managers to guide a team through a localization process, we always recommend working with experienced and reliable providers.  

Helps businesses go global. If carried out properly, a multimedia localization project can result in expanding a business to new markets. In that sense, it is important to count on providers who support you and have your back during the entire process. 

All in all, multimedia localization is an investment in your global business. Fostering global communication with international audiences and making information accessible and culturally relevant in their language, will allow them to consider your business and make the informed and confident decision of buying your product. 

Looking for a multimedia localization language service provider?

At Win & Winnow we can help you take this step by providing all the services you need. Our customers have many and various linguistic challenges, and our main goal is to help them navigate their localization needs painlessly and efficiently. 

We help businesses localize their training on compliance and awareness, new product and sales, new hire, technical and customer service, and more. In that sense, our comprehensive solutions include full-scope localization services such as engineering, voiceover, subtitling, video editing, and testing. Plus, our team of language specialists, engineers, and testers deliver full localized versions for software, applications, and web content, always keeping culture, industry, and target audience expectations in mind.

Contact us for more information!

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Everything you Need to Know About Multimedia Localization

Multimedia Localization
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