What Are The Three Stages Of The Translation Process?

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Have you ever wondered what the main stages of the translation process are? Although it may seem like a  one-way from start to finish, in reality, when it comes down to it, three stages sum it up: translating, editing, and proofreading

These details are usually known to translators, but when companies, marketers, or consumers think of translation, they have in mind only a process that involves exchanging content from one language to another. So let’s take a closer look at each of these steps and learn what they are.


Stages Of The Translation Process



This stage is where the main idea of translation takes place. A text from one source language is translated into another target language. 

Nowadays, most translation agencies rely on tools, such as CAT or computer-assisted translation machines to help translators perform their work successfully and prepare them for further revision, which brings us to the next stage: editing.



During the editing process, linguists review the initial translation to look for errors, make corrections and improve the material. Instead of exchanging the content from one language to another, during editing, translators go back to the original text to make sure the first stage was done correctly. 

The main objective of this step is to create an accurate and consistent result, to leave no omissions, and to verify that the client’s requirements are met.  



The last stage of the translation process, called proofreading, consists of finessing the details of the document that has been reviewed. At this point, it is no longer necessary to look at every instance of the translation but rather to concentrate on the formatting and to verify that elements such as images, spelling, and typographies are in order.

Instead of going back to the source text while proofreading, translators focus their attention on the target document and take a more general look at linguistics. 


Although you may think that translating is only about exchanging the language of a document, you now know every step that goes into the work of translators. All stages of the translation process are fundamental when it comes to creating quality content. 


At Win y Winnow, we make sure that all stages of the translation process are carried out efficiently to provide our clients with quality translations. If you are interested in learning more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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