How to use Remote Interpreting to improve virtual communication

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Remote interpreting for virtual communication

In previous years, virtual meetings have increased in popularity. They appear as a climate-friendly alternative to air travel and traditional in-person onsite meetings and conferences. Innovations in Remote Interpreting solutions and technologies are facilitating a shift towards more remote scenarios. COVID-19 outbreak, lockdowns and travel restrictions prompted such a shift.

What is Remote Interpreting (RI)?

Interpreting is the facilitation of spoken or signed language communication between users of different languages. In the language industry you may distinguish between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter listens and renders the message in the target language at the same time as the speaker is speaking. In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter speaks after the source language speaker has stopped speaking.

Interpreting services are performed face-to-face and remotely. In order to perform remote interpreting, technological platforms are required to facilitate over-the-phone and video multilingual communication.

Remote Interpreting in the new normal

During uncertain times when connection and accessible information are vital, innovations in Remote Interpreting solutions and technologies are making it possible to overcome the halt to traditional in-person onsite meetings and conferences.

In times of pandemic, many companies are turning to webinars, virtual events and videoconferences as their main outreach and promotion strategy. Having your event interpreted into one or more languages can help you get new attention from a wider audience and pave the way for business growth.

Whether it is a team, board or employee meeting, a presentation, a round-table, a conference or a webinar, Remote Interpreting reduces barriers to participation and therefore increases accessibility.

Make sure you partner a specialised Language Service Provider

Whatever the particularities, a successful virtual event requires the use of certain methods and technologies that need to be arranged beforehand. Remote Interpreting requires not only excellent language proficiency, the ability to quickly analyze and transfer messages between languages, and adherence to professional ethics and standards of practice, but also the know-how to properly set up, schedule and execute the job at hand within the desired platform.

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