Win & Winnow’s Road To Becoming A Certified B Corporation

become a certified b corporation winadnwinnow

Our Journey towards Sustainability. Ever since its inception, Win & Winnow Language Services has had a conscious approach to the environment and to the society in which it conducts business. It is with this same mindset that this year we took the first steps toward the next level of commitment and embarked on the mission to become a Certified B Corporation.

What’s a B Corporation? (And why become one)

A B Corporation is a company committed to creating change, putting its consumers, its employees, the community in which it is located, its stakeholders, and the environment in the center. These companies pursue a triple impact and the profit is not their sole purpose.

Their goal is to become agents of change, actively engaging in seeking the solution for the world’s biggest problems on a social and environmental level. B Corporations aim to be the best FOR the world, and not just the best OF the world. At Win & Winnow, we strongly believe that it is possible to be sustainable and to contribute to social well-being while obtaining economic benefits.

Throughout this journey, we have had the chance to interact with other sustainable companies, learn from their practices, and exchange many amazing ideas. We firmly believe that this is only the beginning and that there is still a long way to go. From our humble position, we know we cannot change the world, but are willing to actively contribute our part to help build a better and more just world.

History of B Corporations or B-corps

B corporations (B corps) started out in the United States. BLab, the organization that devised the concept of B Corporations, not only promotes the transition towards sustainable economies but also certifies them and helps them grow on a global scale.

B Corp Certification is an exhaustive assessment of the company’s processes to help identify areas for improvement and opportunities to become an agent of change. Becoming a Certified B Corporation involves a real commitment that has to be included in the company’s articles of incorporation and re-certified regularly, enhancing opportunities for change, innovation, and engagement. As part of our comprehensive quality initiatives, we have faced our preliminary audit to obtain our B Corp Certification.

There are 2500 Certified B Corporations in the world; 350 of which are located in Latin America. They all have in common the drive to achieve a positive social, cultural and environmental impact through the transparency of their actions. Even if it’s only a few companies that are actively certifying as B Corps, it nevertheless shows that they are different and that they are committed to including long-term social and environmental impact variables in their decision-making.

We will soon share some more details on our journey to becoming a Certified B Corporation.

Learn more about how we make a positive impact through our Sustainability programs.

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Win & Winnow’s Road To Becoming A Certified B Corporation

become a certified b corporation winadnwinnow