Language Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Language Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Language Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry include pharmaceutical translation and localization that push forward clinical research processes and the expansion to global markets.

The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the research, development, production, and distribution of medications. Since the COVID outbreak, more than ever, it has brought international attention as it works to develop a vaccine and effective treatments to face the  greatest contemporary public health crisis.

As one of the industries most shaped by globalization, pharmaceutical companies need to consider implementing a comprehensive communication strategy to reach new global markets and keep on expanding successfully. Multilingual documentation plays a key role at each stage of the pharmaceutical processes, from the clinical research, to regulatory submission and review, and production and marketing.

Making pharmaceutical research patient centric 

Clinical trials are a type of research that studies new tests and treatments and evaluates their effects on human health outcomes. People volunteer to take part in clinical trials to test diverse medical interventions often in countries different from the country where the laboratories are based.

Pharmaceutical translation and localization should be taken into consideration from the beginning of the research to ensure that the information provided by patients and researchers is accurate, reliable and culturally appropriate. Being able to speak clearly to patients helps them make informed decisions about their participation in the clinical trial.   

Ensuring accuracy and regulatory compliance

Before any new drugs or medical devices can be placed in the market, regulatory compliance must be met. Documentation associated with regulatory submissions, instructions for use, quality review documents, patient prescribing documentation, must be accurately translated into every language in which the product is to be marketed.  

Launching pharmaceutical products in a global market

Once the authorization to produce and distribute a new drug or medical device has been granted, marketing efforts must be made to reach potential customers and to be relevant to global audiences through communication campaigns that resonate with customers in every location.

Asides from marketing the product, assisting customers on how to use a medical device also relies on localization — specially when it comes to documents such as package inserts, instructions for use, and user manuals.

At Win & Winnow we specialize in providing Language Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry, being linguistic services for the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector some of our most extensive areas of expertise. We provide our clients comprehensive support, not only with pharmaceutical translation, but also helping them along every step of a clinical trial, release of a new product, global expansion projects. 

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Language Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Language Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry