Five Keys for HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Translations

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Translations

When working on healthcare translations it is important to verify that whoever is going to work with your material adheres to HIPAA requirements. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) was passed into law in 1996 with one goal in mind: standardizing the protection of patient information in a world that was under rapid and unfamiliar technological change. Language service providers play a key role in doctor-patient communication, however, much of this communication contains sensitive information such as: individually identifiable health information, demographic data, medical histories or other information used to identify a patient. This data is known as Protected Health Information (PHI) and it is important for all LSPs to know how to work with PHI and keep their healthcare translations HIPAA compliant.


This information is protected under HIPAA regulations, which means that healthcare providers and insurers are responsible for ensuring that all vendors and contractors who handle PHI have taken the necessary steps to comply with the regulation. For us at Win & Winnow this means:


1. HIPAA training

Not only to be aware of the steps needed to be taken when working with PHI, but also ensure that the team members working on healthcare translations are properly trained. Luckily, the Department of Health and Human Services offers free access to the information to help your team stay compliant.


2. Scalability and flexibility

Open enrollment season implies working with a very large amount of documentation with tight deadlines. When selecting your LSP ensure that they have the ability to scale the team and adapt to your deadline requirements.


3. Linguist screening

It is essential that the team working on your healthcare translations has the required subject matter expertise and experience working on this type of documentation. At Win & Winnow we have a strict ISO-compliant screening process when selecting candidates to join our team for healthcare translations. All internal and external team at Win & Winnow sign NDA agreements—which keeps your PHI private.


4. ISO Certification

Being ISO certified shows a commitment to quality and excellence, not just in translation but in support processes as well. When working on healthcare translations it is always a guarantee to choose an LSP that has such certifications. Win & Winnow, for example, is currently ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified.


5. Proper IT infrastructure

When working on healthcare translation projects, LSPs should also consider the importance of providing a secure and reliable IT infrastructure. Data protection and privacy are as important as the quality of the translations delivered. At Win & Winnow we offer some options, that range from encrypted emails and password protected servers for file storage, in order to be in line with your processes and preferences and maintain your PHI away from prying eyes.


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Five Keys for HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Translations

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Translations