5 Benefits of E-Learning Localization

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What is e-Learning localization?

e-Learning localization is the process of adapting e-Learning content to provide culturally relevant experiences to diverse target audiences. Content is adapted into the target learner’s language and culture.

One of the most beneficial features of e-Learning, along with its low cost, high convenience, and accessibility, is that classes can be live or pre-recorded so that anyone has the opportunity to take it whenever they have time and learn it at their own pace. This new way of accessing education consists of delivering online courses through various digital methods such as videos, graphics, audio, slideshows, and more.

An interesting fact is that even though the eLearning industry has expanded throughout the last couple of years in a significant way, it seems like the Covid-19 pandemic has speeded that tendency up offering an ever-increasing array of eLearning tools to companies, government bodies, and individuals who are seeking remote learning opportunities.


So, why should companies localize their eLearning programs?

If a company is willing to offer its courses to a global audience, then its content must be properly localized for its target market. You may be wondering why… Well, nowadays, eLearning companies have a great challenge: creating engagement. To achieve that goal, their messages and content must be thoroughly examined and adapted to an audience that is willing to learn something from scratch or simply continue expanding their knowledge on a particular subject. On top of that, misunderstandings and potentially offensive content can be avoided, leading to a beneficial outcome for both parties.  

Having the ability and technique to do that is certainly not an easy task and requires plenty of resources, but it is possible if you count on a specialized team. Let us see some of the main advantages of localizing eLearning programs.


5 Benefits of E-Learning Localization

  1. Localization helps boost the learnability index, which in turn increases the learner’s productivity and the employer’s ROI. 
  2. It helps improve the learning curve and learner engagement through culturally relevant presentations for each audience. 
  3. It reduces the need for pre-processing and facilitates multilingual LMS integration.
  4. The content curation process helps identify culturally sensitive content and flags potentially conflictive images, colors, idioms, etc. This is key for any company aiming to attain high achievement levels.
  5. It helps companies adapt their content to different platforms such as mobile and web-based courses that may pose different processing challenges and demand more or less complex workflows.


Simply put, localization services maximize educational impact and enable people from different parts of the world to access the same content as if they were in the same place. It also helps the democratization of information and promotes inclusion.

In this increasingly interconnected and competitive world, every company’s communication strategy should involve a language service provider capable of helping them adapt their messages to different markets and cultures. 


At Win & Winnow, we enable life transformation through global communication and accessible information and care about all our clients’ needs, so we adapt to them to offer a comprehensive and full scope service. Depending on each particular case, services can go from TEP to a one-stop-shop for full course l10n, which includes: content translation, gfx/video editing, voice-over/dubbing/subtitles, audio sync, engineering, testing, and content update management.  

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