EPO Translation Requirements: A European Patent Guide

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All countries belonging to the European Union, except for Spain and Italy, have access to a unique patent system better known as the European Unitary Patent system. This system belongs to the European Patent Office known as EPO, in charge of granting them.  Since the signing of the London Agreement in 2008, patents have been […]

Patent Translation 101

Patent Translation 101

A patent is a document that certifies a set of exclusive rights to the creator of a new product. Patent translation services allow you to transfer this valuable information from one language to another since patents have territorial rights and therefore need to be translated to ensure their inclusion in the global market. Why is […]

Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Translation Services

Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Translation

Every 26 April, World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated to highlight the importance of intellectual property rights and show how small and medium-sized enterprises can utilize them to foster innovation and creativity. In that sense, results could be highly beneficial, as they would help build stronger, more competitive and resilient businesses. What Are Intellectual Property […]