Brazilian Office Growing Stronger

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In an effort to better position ourselves as a trusted regional translation and localization partner, we opened our Brazilian office in 2017. The office is located in the Avenida Paulista, one of the most important avenues in Brazil. Our goal for 2018 was to focus on strengthening our presence there as a translation and localization service provider and we are proud to say that our office in São Paulo is now fully operational.

Part of these efforts included:

  • Incorporating in Brazil in order to facilitate financial and legal transactions with our Brazilian based clients
  • Expanding our internal and external Brazilian team
  • Participating in various conferences in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
  • Becoming part of trade associations

The services currently provided from our Brazilian office include translation, interpretation, voiceover, subtitling, DTP, engineering, and more!

We look forward to continue expanding our Brazilian office in 2019 and provide our Brazilian clients with a fully localized customer experience.

You can get in touch with our Brazilian office here:


Av. Paulista 37, 4º Andar
São Paulo
01311-902, Brazil

Phone: +5511 2246 2872

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