7 Steps to a Successful Translation Project Kick-off

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Having a strong translation project kick-off is key to a successful project development. 

Here are 7 easy steps a PM should follow to a successful project launch:

  1.    Ensure that all client instructions are clear: the project kick-off is the right time to ask any questions that you foresee could affect overall project management.
  2.    Review the document and establish if any type of file preparation, text extraction, desktop publishing is required.
  3.    Make a proper project planning to meet client deadlines and expectations.
  4.    Assign a team of linguists that have the tool knowledge and subject matter expertise required for that specific type of content. Maintain that team on that account and type of content throughout the time.  
  5.    Have the Language Lead review the content, style guide and glossaries and define criteria where needed.
  6.    Get your team on board: make a project kick-off meeting and share any relevant information about the client and reference material.
  7.    Set up a clear query system with your linguistic team.

Starting the project strong will help you end the project on a high note in adherence to client’s expectations.


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